Wedding Photography

At 1776 Photography we take your wedding day very seriously. We arrive ahead of time so that we can get a feel of the space and have several ideas on great photo ops. Just look here at some of our work!

Wedding Videography

Along with wedding photos, a high quality wedding video is a great compliment to your big day. It can be hosted on youtube, burned to a dvd, or shared as a file. Either way video is a great way to look back on your big day and all of the details and memories you created!

Love Story Video

So you've dated, met each other's parents, and now decided to spend the rest of your lives together! But, how did you guys meet? When did you know they were the ones for you? Who said I love you first? A Love Story Video captures these answers in a beautiful way that can be shared up to the wedding for those distant relatives or to simply cherish down the road.


Getting engaged is a nerve racking, yet exciting time in your life. From here you begin to plan your future together with your significant other. Look at our work in capturing these moments!

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